Nobody Puts Lt. Gov. Bae in a Corner

Nobody Puts Lt. Gov. Bae in a Corner
Image:Marc Levy (AP)

Back in November, a month that occurred roughly 14 years ago, Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, his cannabis anti-prohibitionist wife Gisele, and their adorable kids stole America’s hearts via internet when, from inside his very nicely decorated living space, Fetterman assured America that Trump’s baseless claims of election tampering would not sway the actual results of the 2020 presidential election. Now, Pennsylvania Republicans are possibly attempting to grab some attention of their own by refusing to let Fetterman do his duties in the new session of the Pennsylvania Senate.

The session began with Republicans refusing to allow newly elected Democratic state Sen. Jim Brewster from taking his oath of office as his opponent, Nicole Ziccarelli is taking a cue from the Trump administration and suing over mail-in ballots. As Democrats called bullshit in session, Republicans voted to have Fetterman removed from his role presiding over the chaos. Not to be outdone:

“Democrats, in turn, responded by refusing to back Sen. Jake Corman (R., Centre) from assuming the chamber’s top leadership position — an unusual maneuver on what is most often a largely ceremonial and bipartisan vote.”

This is a fucking mess worthy of the fights my mother and I used to watch on Australian C-Span when I was a child and we had an illegal satellite dish—only not funny because I can understand the accents and also they’re trying to do a coup. [Spotlight PA]

Speak of a coup and a Trump lapdog appears: Ted Cruz has also decided the 2020 election was a fraud despite Donald Trump’s history of suggesting that Cruz’s Cuban father killed Kennedy:

“We’ve seen in the last two months unprecedented allegations of voter fraud,” the man who once said he would not be Trump’s “servile puppy dog” told Fox News. “And that’s produced a deep, deep distrust of our democratic process across the country. I think we in Congress have an obligation to do something about that.”

“We’ve” and “seen” are doing a lot of work here. Hope the salmon treat Teddy gets for being such a good boy gives him the shits. [New York Times]

  • Nancy Pelosi remains the cilantro of speakers of the house—only a few people adamantly love her while she alienates far more by consistently refusing to get out of the fucking mix despite it being perfectly fine to just serve her up off to the side directly to the people who enjoy her. [CNN]
  • Devin Nunes will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, likely for his work keeping the president out of jail, which—and I’m no historian here—is likely not the intended purpose of the award. [Washington Post]
  • Michigan to stop deciding who should be in jail based on how much money the accused has. [Twitter]
  • The D.C. Police have nixed Take Your Glock to Work Day. [Politico]
  • Proud Boys getting sued. Love to see it. [Twitter]
  • Hate to see it: Even had I not long been of the opinion that hugs are bad, this “mass spreader event” (that is not porn if that’s what you were hoping), would surely have convinced me. [Twitter]
  • Truly incredible in the etymological sense of the word.

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