Notorious R.B.G. on Race and Why She Doesn't Need to Write a Book


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, also known as Notorious R.B.G., recently shared her view of race in America as well as how she doesn’t need to write any books or field anymore biographies written about herself because Tumblr’s got it covered.

In a chat with the National Law Journal, Ginsberg discussed this country’s aversion to change regarding race and what we can, or can’t, do to change the status quo.

The 81-year-old Ginsburg, appointed to the high court by President Bill Clinton in 1993, contrasted the pace of public acceptance of black Americans with that of gays and lesbians, focusing on differences in familiarity.
“Once [gay] people began to say who they were, you found that it was your next-door neighbor or it could be your child, and we found people we admired,” she said. “That understanding still doesn’t exist with race; you still have separation of neighborhoods, where the races are not mixed. It’s the familiarity with people who are gay that still doesn’t exist for race and will remain that way for a long time as long as where we live remains divided.”

When asked if she would write a book as some of the other Supreme Court Justices’ have, she said:

RBG: Never. There are two people—Wendy Williams and Mary Hartnett—who are writing a book about me and it will be very good. I don’t care if I ever see it or how long it takes. There is another book being written without my authorization and a book about me and Justice O’Connor but Justice O’Connor was not interested. Then there is a professor who decided to do a book and asked various people who know me to write a chapter. That’s more than enough, and then there is the Tumblr, the Notorious R.B.G.

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