"Nymphobrainiac" And Other Awesome Sexytime Words


We’ve defined the “O’Donnell” — but that’s just the beginning. And when it comes to the terminology available for a sexually active woman, we’ve got a long way to go, baby.

We gotta say, it got us thinking. In Glamour, a columnist talks with a friend about more empowering ways of reclaiming the (generally demeaning) terms slung at a woman who enjoys sex. Here’s what they came up with:

“You’re a serial thriller,” I said.
“I’m a fussy hussy,” she retorted.
“They deserve your tramp of excellence.”
“I’m a nymphobrainiac.”
“You’re tartfully discriminating.”
“I’m a faux minx.”
“You’re a choosy floozy.”
“I’m whoreganic.”

While “nymphobrainianc” had us at hello, this is a solid list altogether. And they’re not easy to come up with; it took me ten full minutes to invent “libideral,” and it sucks. I think I’ll stick with my preferred fave: “Golden Girl.”

How Do You Refer To Your Sex Life? Is This New Word Over The Line? [Glamour]

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