NYPD Tweets Request for Trust, Internet Is Like 'What the Fuck?' 


In response to a Staten Island grand jury deciding that a video of Officer Daniel Pantaleo choking Eric Garner to death wasn’t enough to pursue criminal charges on Wednesday, the New York Police Department is in damage control mode. Too bad their social media blitz is run by an tone deaf woman with the worst job ever.

Here’s what NYPD’s Community Affairs Officer Joanne Jaffe tweeted after the grand jury’s decision came down:

You’d think in the time of Bill Cosby and R.Kelly‘s Twitter talks and memes going horribly wrong—hell, even the NYPD’s own attempt at a social media hashtag earlier this year!—Jaffe would say to herself, ‘You know what? I just had a terrible idea in 140 characters and I almost tweeted it.’ But nope, she tweeted that message and Twitter users still reeling from the decision wasted no time giving her their opinions.

Pantaleo and the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association have also released statements which do not help. At all.

Image is ironically from an NYPD Facebook photo of a recent press conference touting how safe NYC is these days. Totally.

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