Oberlin Student Paper Tries to Hook Students By Name-Dropping Lena Dunham


Oberlin’s “alternative” student newspaper is soliciting writers by promising fame, fortune, and unlimited naked cameos to students who attend its first general interest meeting. Alumna Lena Dunham did it, so you can do it, too!

“Write for The Grape. Lena Did.” the flier says. Except, according to the New York Observer‘s Drew Grant, who wrote the post and also attended the liberal arts college alongside the Girls writer/director/star, Lena “only worked on The Grape for half a semester before claiming she had mono and quitting the publication.”

Apparently becoming the voice of your generation has little to do with writing impassioned essays on why your campus shouldn’t rent out space to Panda Express. (That’s just what I spent my time doing in college; I’m sure Oberlin would never consider that scenario). Imagine that!

Oberlin Finds Way to Take Advantage of Its Most Culturally Relevant Alum [NY Observer]

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