Of Course Olivia Jade Was On a USC Official's Yacht as the College Admissions Scandal Broke

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It’s only a matter of time before noted vlogger and University of Southern California freshman Olivia Jade, whose mother Lori Loughlin allegedly bribed the school with $500,000 to admit her daughter, releases some kind of YouTube apology or tearful explainer about what’s going on. Until then, there’s TMZ—and the gossip site reports that, when the news about the alleged college admissions scam broke, Jade was enjoying spring break in the Bahamas, and spent the night on a billionaire’s yacht.

The yacht in question belongs to Rick Caruso; Jade is friends with his daughter, Gianna. Crucially, TMZ adds, Jade is “off the boat now.” Caruso confirmed that, while Jade and his daughter were on spring break together, Jade “decided it would be in her best interests to return home” when the news involving her mom broke.

Crucially, Caruso is the Chairman of the USC Board of Trustees and called the allegations against the school’s employees “disturbing.” But TMZ notes that he won’t be in charge of deciding Jade’s fate—that would be the university president. Oh, what a tangled web these teen influencers and their celebrity parents weave!


Ben Affleck knows nobody liked his back tattoo—which is maybe why he lied back in 2016 and said it was fake. It is decidedly not fake, and Affleck, today, can stand tall and proud even with his shirt off and say he loves his tattoo of a phoenix rising up his posterior. “Sentiment ran, you know, against,” Affleck told Ellen DeGeneres, of the moment when paparazzi first caught a pic of the tattoo while he was on the beach. But Affleck doesn’t care. “I love my tattoo, I’m very happy with it,” he says. “Yeah,” DeGeneres adds, “it’s your tattoo, it’s your back.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Live and let men get as many tattoos of mythical creatures as they want. DeGeneres did point out though, and I can’t believe no one thought of this sooner, that the phoenix is “rising from your ass,” a detail I won’t soon forget.


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