'Offensive T-Shirt Company' Finds Sexual Violence Hilarious


The horrible t-shirt trend continues with a garment mining the hilarity of sexual violence. The slogan: “Calm down dear, let’s not turn this rape into murder!”

The company that produced this masterpiece of tastelessness is, in fact, explicitly in the business of producing offensive shirts. Their name is Jamrags, their tagline is “cotton for cunts,” and their site explains,

If you are observant, you may have noticed that Jamrags is an offensive t-shirt company. We specialise in creating offensive t-shirts, cotton for cunts. If you are a cunt, then we’ll jam one of these rags in your letter box in exchange for precious metals.

Other hilarious messages include “I like my Muslims like I like my coffee. I don’t like coffee,” and “Feminists are big, fat, hairy dykes!” The Jamrags folks really do have a dry wit. Given that they’re so clearly courting outrage, I hate to give it to them. I will point out, though, that advocating rape on a t-shirt is not even original.

Calm Down Dear Shirt [Jamrags]

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