Oh Jesus: Surfing Dog Grants Kid's Make-a-Wish Request


Teenager Caleb Acosta has stage-four brain cancer. When the Make-A-Wish Foundation turned up, his request was very specific: A day spent in California, catching waves with Ricochet the surfing dog.

The video comes via UpRoxx. You honestly might want to save it for later if you’re at work and your office has an open floorplan. The chill-as-hell golden retriever is a certified therapy dog and often works with sick kids and recuperating veterans. She was even featured on SportsCenter, which is how Caleb learned about her.

“I just felt almost normal, finally,” Caleb says afterward, in the video. “It felt really good to be free, not worry about anything.” “I’m just so happy to see my son happy,” his crying mom adds, completely emotionally destroying me and you and everyone we know. Good dog, Ricochet. Good dog.

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