Ohio Sorority Trashes Art Center • Testosterone Makes Women Less Trusting


Remember the girls from Miami University and their vomit-laden “formal”? They’re not the only sorority that knows how to party. The Ohio University chapter of Pi Beta Phi has recently been accused of holding a similarly disgusting bash.

A recent formal at the Parkersburg Art Center ended with food fights, public nudity, sex, and attendees defecating in urinals. Someone also apparently tried to rip the clothes off of a female bartender. Oh, and naturally quite a few students winded up puking in inappropriate places. • After being cited for contempt for wearing an “obscene” t-shirt to court, Jennifer LaPenta, 20, says she plans to wear a business suit to her next appearance. The Illinois woman was wearing a t-shirt that reportedly read “I have the (female sexual organ), so I make the rules” when she gave a friend a ride to the courthouse, where Judge Helen Rozenberg spotted her and immediately ordered that LaPenta be taken into custody. • Researchers from the Center for Autism and Related Disorders say they have debunked the oft-quoted 80% divorce rate statistic for parents of children with autism. Lead author Brian Freedman says his team found that 64% of children with an autism spectrum disorder have two married or adoptive parents, while only 65% of children without the disorder have two parents. • The average women is not actually looking for a ripped, muscular dude, according to an Australian researcher. Both men and women rated images of slender or slightly chubby guys just as highly as those with well-defined six-packs. However, the study’s author notes that some participants ”may have attributed the models’ muscularity to vanity or homosexuality, characteristics which they may have found unpleasant or discomforting.” • The BBC2 have announced that they will air The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister a film about Britain’s first modern lesbian, next weekend. Anne Lister was a 19th-century Yorkshire landowner and industrialist who became famous for her business-savvy and her nickname “Gentleman Jack.” Lister married her partner, Anne Walker, in one of the earliest recorded same-sex ceremonies. • Saudi Arabia’s religious police arrested 10 “emo” girls in a coffee shop last week, according to the Al-Yaum newspaper. The young women were allegedly causing a disturbance with their “emo fashions.” They were taken into custody, asked to sign a pledge that they would not continue their “un-Islamic” behavior, before being sent home with their parents. • Wanda Barzee, one of the two people charged with abducting Elizabeth Smart in 2002, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. Barzee pleaded guilty to helping her then-husband kidnap Smart. She apologized to the family, saying she was “just so sorry again for all the pain and suffering I caused.” She will serve the rest of her term at a medical and psychiatric center in Texas. • A research team from the University of Washington says that the number of childhood deaths has drastically plummeted in the past twenty years. Using a newer, more accurate technique for determining mortality rates, they estimate that 800,000 fewer young children died in 2008 than by UNICEF figures. • A UK-based confectioner hopes to start seeing customers investing in “chocolate bonds.” The bondholders will be payed out in monthly “tasting boxes” and proceeds from the program will go towards the creation of up to 250 new jobs. • A recent survey revealed that Asian women love red wine. Apparently, when it comes to choosing the sauce, 84% of women prefer red to white. • Doctors have developed a new, effective way of treating stretch marks, which, according to the Daily Mail are apparently only a problem women should worry about. Unfortunately for us plebes, the four-course laser treatment is very expensive. • Today, a group of gay rights activists, lawmakers and Pentagon officials met at the White house to discuss a push to hasten the repeal of a ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military. The move to stop “don’t ask, don’t tell” comes sooner than expected – though certainly not soon enough for many living in the closet. • “Socially naïve” women become less trusting when dosed with testosterone, a study has found. On already cynical ladies, however, the hormone has no effect. • Children as young as 11 are being asked to debate “rape myths” in UK schools. The program, which is designed to help stop violence against women, includes discussions on claims such as “women enjoy rape” and “women ask for it by wearing short skirts.” While many believe the curriculum could help debunk rape myths early on, some parents think 11 is too young to be discussing sexual assault. •

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