Old-Timey Anti-Cat Letter to the Editor Is Amazing and Sexist


The bird lovers’ call for the eradication of cats (but then who will I talk to at parties?!) isn’t just a modern phenomenon. On the contrary! It’s been going on for years as proven by the amazing New York Times letter to the editor from 1914 that was recently unearthed by Gothamist. Of course, what makes this Letter to the Editor so exciting isn’t just its age or its argument against domestic felines— it’s the heaping dose of old fashioned sexism that the author somehow managed to insert within.

First of all, bro, that boat metaphor is gonna feel preeeeetty gauche a year from now when you get word about the Lusitania. Secondly, thank you for expressing the brave opinion that all cats should die by violent drowning in a death river of fire — very masculine of you. I’m sure your fellow women appreciate it, but they’re probably just too sensitive to come up and say so openly. That or they’re too busy worrying about silly lady things like getting the right to vote. Speaking of bigger problems, it looks like your country will soon be going to war. Good luck with that.

Image via Shutterstock.

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