Olivia Munn Is Taking a Turn Explaining Her Face to Everyone


Actress Olivia Munn has entered a new phase in her career—defending how her face is aging to anonymous Internet detectives.

About a week ago, Munn posted a picture of herself looking gorgeous on Instagram, which she does a lot because she’s very pretty and people take her picture all the time. She’s also already on overdrive about promoting the next X-Men movie.

Being in X-Men also means Olivia Munn’s famous enough that she now belongs to her fans, and we can say whatever we want about her looks. Sure, that’s an appropriate thing to do! Except Olivia Munn is reading your horrible comments, guys:

And she dignifies them with a response:

Munn took time out of her life to reply to someone who loves her “curve and the touch of asian beauty” in her face. Then, on Tuesday, she followed up with a much, much longer post about why she appears to be aging in reverse:

Could this just be an elaborate sponsored post for Proactiv? Or Japanese potatoes? Also, she looks exactly the same in both these photos, so what are we even talking about, America.

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Image via Getty/Olivia Munn.

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