Olsen Twins Sidekick Gives Advice For Staying Classy At Airports, Slumber Parties


Because women are totally clamoring for more men to tell us how to dress, Manhattan “man about town” Derek Blasberg has written Classy, a guide to, among other things, impressing dudes at airports.

Subtitled Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady, Blasberg’s guide offers tips for determining “if you are inadvertently dressing like a ten-dollar hooker.” Though BlackBook‘s Alisa Gould-Simon notes that Blasberg’s book experience is limited to editing the Olsen twinsInfluence, she also says “the book looks pretty entertaining. Besides, given the fact that JWoww was seen front row at fashion week (sporting Ed Hardy no less), I’m all for more ‘classy’ these days.” Do we really need an Olsen-educated antidote to Jersey Shore? And what would such an antidote look like? Classy doesn’t drop til April 6, but luckily, Refinery29 has scans.

Blasberg’s “Do You Dress Like A Tramp?” quiz reads like late-nineties YM, and not in a good way. Sample question:

You’ve just had a growth spurt. Your favorite white T-shirt now barely covers your stomach and is very tight across the chest. Your response?
a. Buy a new T-shirt
be. Keep the T-shirt for the beach and slumber parties.
C. Relief! Finally — something that looks great at a wet T-shirt contests and church.

Given the references to growth spurts and slumber parties, it’s hard to tell what Blasberg’s target audience is. However, his advice for the airport offers a clue. He writes, “Given that the venue is teeming with single men, you’d think girls would put more effort into their appearances. But, no you see far more skanked-out, PJ-clad hoochie-momma’s trolling the terminals than you do chic put-together young ladies.” Blasberg’s whole enterprise is somewhat suspect — as Amanda Hess’s excellent post on short skirts points out, you can’t actually tell anything about a woman’s sex life by her clothing, nor should you try. But more specifically, who thinks about meeting guys at the airport? Maybe Blasberg’s really written a book for Larry Craig.

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