OMG, Does This Swedish Princess Dress Just Like Kim Kardashian?!


Princess Sofia of Sweden recently stepped outside wearing a beige dress. But was this beige dress just like something that Kim Kardashian wore one time? This is a job for the international gossip press!

It was the Swedish press that first noticed the similarity, reports the blog Royalista. Sofia, a onetime reality TV star who’s now married to the third person in line to the throne of Sweden, appeared in the dress last week; Kim Kardashian wore her ensemble last December. It sent tongues wagging because body-conscious beige turtleneck dresses are pretty much all the same, right?

Well, the Daily Mail—FEMAIL division—promptly launched an investigation. They say the evidence is substantial.

Last month, Princess Sofia wore a chic little black dress for dinner when the Swedish royals were on a visit to Varmland, Sweden.
Kim had worn a very similar dress years before out and about in Los Angeles. In fact, Kim is a huge fan of little black dresses and often parades her enviable curves in them. Sofia teamed hers with her trusty courts, whilst Kim opted for play-it-safe black heels.
Even the duo’s casualwear is uncannily similar. During the same trip to Spain, Sofia wore black jeans and a crisp white blouse to visit the nature reserve Byamossarna, Arvika. And, of course, we had seen the look before on Kim, who wore it to fly into LA from Nigeria.

Also, one time Sofia wore a “black skirt and white blouse,” which “is a uniform favoured by Kim, who wore a near-identical look back in 2012 whilst out and about with husband, Kanye.”

There you have it, friends. Black dresses, beige dresses, white blouses—it’s too much to be a coincidence. I think we know everything we need to know. QED. Ready your hot takes accordingly.

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