Oprah Loves Foreskin on Her Face


Oprah likes to rub human foreskin all over her face—because it’s an ingredient of her favorite anti-aging skin cream SkinMedica, which she calls a “magic fountain of youth and miracle wrinkle solution.” Apparently, this is offensive enough to earn the ire of the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project who protested the media mogul’s sold-out appearance in Vancouver yesterday.

The group’s founder, Glen Callender, claims that Oprah is a hypocrite because she opposes female genital mutilation but then buys and endorses a skin cream—at $165 a jar—that uses the stuff they throw away after male circumcision.

When Callender doesn’t acknowledge is that, while male circumcision is definitely an open debate and at the discretion of parents, it doesn’t carry the same political implications that FGM does. Female circumcision is performed on older girls as a way to control them in the hopes that it will reduce their libidos and cause them to live in fear of vaginal pain, preventing pre-marital sex or extra-marital affairs. The practice assumes that women cannot be trusted to make their own decisions about their sexuality as adult women because they are naturally wanton whores. It’s actually really insensitive for him to even compare the two.

Additionally, human foreskin has a lot of uses, other than being a penis turtleneck. It’s an organic resource that can create skin grafts for burn victims or take the place of animals in cosmetic testing. As far as anti-wrinkle creams go, one foreskin can be used for decades to grow fibroblasts that lab techs use to cook up some collagen.

But this guy seems like a joke anyway, giving quotes worthy of an Arrested Development episode:

“We’re not an anti-circumcision group,” he said. “What we are against is circumcision being forced on people without their consent.”

Oprah faces protest for using wrinkle cream made with foreskin [Vancouver 24 Hours]

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