Oregon City Councilor Calls Muslims 'Pure Evil,' Threatens to Deliver 'Ass Whooping' to Trans Kids


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The interesting thing about many city councils across this great nation is that, not infrequently, the people elected to them are absolutely bonkers. And yet, somehow, they get elected year after year. Is it low voter turnout? Some kind of masochism on the part of voters? A true lack of better options?

Coming along just in time to prove our point is Micky Garus, 35, of the Dallas, Oregon City Council, who’s served for about a year, and who’s making news this week for an impressive run of truly dumb and bad statements on his Facebook page. They include calling Muslims “pure evil” and, in a post he quickly deleted, threatening to deliver an “ass whooping” to any transgender children who might use the bathroom at a school his kids attended.

Oregon Live reports that Garus fumed over the idea of a “transgender” occupying the same potty space as his kids. He posted a link to a Blaze story by the always cool and rational Matt Walsh, one which fumes that the Department of Education is being way too nice to transgender children:

And make no mistake, allowing a boy to change in front of girls, and requiring that girls change in front of him, is sexual abuse. The problem isn’t simply that non-”transgender” predators can easily pretend to be “transgender” in order to gain access to the women’s facilities — although that does happen and it is a completely unavoidable outcome – but that allowing any man of any persuasion to watch girls use the bathroom or change their clothes is appalling and exploitative. It doesn’t matter if the man is “transgender” or regular gender or quasigender or nongender or gendergender. If he’s a man, he doesn’t belong there. Period.

In a post that Garus has deleted, but which Oregon Live screenshotted, Garus wrote, “If this ever happens in a school that my kids attend, I’ll be first in line to issue a ass whooping, both to the transgender, and the administration whom failed to protect our children. Wake up America!”

(The egregious crimes against grammar committed in that sentence are perhaps a subject for a different day.)

As Oregon Live’s Laura Gunderson points out, Garus generated a considerable amount of outrage days ago for a Facebook tirade about Islam, which has also been deleted (but was cached by Oregon Live here.) It’s very long, but probably a small excerpt will do fine:

We need to stop this, The United States is not impenetrable to Sharia Law, allowing Islam to get a foothold in our government will be the end of western civilization. I’ll admit, I am a bigot toward that religion, I do not like or agree with anything Muslims stand for and I believe the Islamic Faith is pure evil. I’m all for diversity, and I’ll be first in line to fight for everyone’s religious freedoms within reason. I just don’t like religions or people that wish to kill me, wipe out our culture and destroy our country. Before you get angry or cast stones please think about history. If I were talking about Hitler or the Nazi party, would you be offended? And just like the Jewish people, Austria, and much of Europe, whom believed there was no danger and did nothing to prevent Hitler, and the Nazi’s rise. I fear we will suffer a similar fate if not more barbaric. We need to stop pandering and address Islam, the Muslims, and the evil that is knocking at our door. My tolerance does have boundaries!

The cause of Garus’ outrage was the hideous news that three politicians, who are Muslim, have been elected to a city council in Michigan.

In response to a good bit of backlash, Garus posted the following statement to his Facebook page, reaffirming his beliefs that Muslims are taking over America, and are way less tolerant than City Council Member Micky L. Garus:

These are my personal opinions and do not represent the City of Dallas its policies or the personal opinions of my fellow councilors.
I swore an oath to uphold our constitution and in that oath I seek to uphold our freedom and liberty guaranteed in the document.
Show me a predominantly Muslim country that enjoys the same type of individual and universal human rights and freedoms, especially in regard to gender and sexual orientation, similar to the United States?
Can we logically say that an increase of political rule from a religion that historically oppresses individual rights and other religions is a good thing, based on the history of that religion and the associated intolerance that it has displayed?
There are numerous historic examples of the way Islam treats those whom are not believers. There are also numerous current examples of Islamic behavior that fill the headlines every day! Do we want the United States to have more freedoms or fewer freedoms? Do we want the United States to exist in the same type of theocracy as Iran or Saudi Arabia?
I do not fear the Muslim that lives down the street, I agree the majority of Muslims see freedom of religion as a precious value, but historically when Muslims gain positions of power in government, the acceptance of traditions and practices such as Sharia Law become the norm. That is a diminution of individual rights, especially for women. You only need to look as far as Germany to see examples of women being mistreated by the recent predominantly male Muslim immigrants.
A recent poll found 51% of Muslims living in the US would prefer being governed by Sharia Law, 60% of Muslim Americans under 30 told Pew research they are more loyal to Islam than America. The city of Irving Texas recently struck down an Islamic tribunal. Mayor Beth VanDuyne was attacked as islamophobic for opposing a Sharia court in her city.
Do we want religious courts in America or do we want to live under the rule of law as outlined by our founding documents?

Hard to know where to start here, but for the record, the city of Irving, Texas, did not strike down an Islamic tribunal; they launched a full-scale attack against a mediation service offered through a local mosque because Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne, like Micky Garus, has some curious ideas about Islam.

Dallas Mayor Brian Dalton told Oregon Live Garus’ comments are protected by the First Amendment, which is very true: “It would not be in the purview of the Council to take action against him for statements he has made in a personal capacity on his own social media site.”

Once again: don’t forget to vote, especially in your local elections.

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