Painfully Honest Version of Let It Go Says What We Are All Thinking


I’m going to be real with you: I love Let It Go. I have not even seen Frozen yet and I cannot stop singing it. Of course, since I haven’t seen the movie and refuse to give iTunes one more dollar of my hard-earned app money (curse you for costing $5, Sally’s Spa), all I know is the part that goes “let it go, let it go” and then like some Idina Menzel shrieking thing. Actually, I am singing the song right now. Aggressively. At my laptop. My partner just rolled his eyes and walked right out of the room. His loss.

If the song is that good (and by good, I mean catchy. You can’t argue there! Let it go!) by itself, imagine how many more times amazing it is when it’s sung with the words you want to sing: Fuck it all!

I could watch this all day. And probably will. Join me!

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