Palin & Trump Meet For Wacky Non-Candidates' Summit


The latest stop on Sarah Palin’s double secret probation bus tour: A meeting with Donald Trump at a mediocre Italian chain restaurant. (Disclaimer: I’ve never actually eaten at Famous Famiglia, but it doesn’t seem up to the usual standards of a man who requires his own particular blend of bottled water.)

After arriving at Trump Tower this evening, a limo transported our two most mockable would-be candidates to a Times Square restaurant. They dined on a pizzas and did what they do best: praised themselves. ABC News reports:

He said: “I’ll tell you she’s a great woman, a terrific woman, and a great friend.” Asked if he’d endorse her, Trump replied, “I’d love her to run.”
She said: “What do we have in common? A love for this country and a desire to see our economy put back on the right track.” She also praised “his independence, his willingness to speak his mind.”
There was plenty of pizza to be had — pepperoni and cheese — when Palin, Trump and their families sat down to dinner at Famiglia’s Famous Pizza on 50th and Broadway. There were no endorsements, but when asked, “How about a Trump-Palin ticket?” Palin crowed, “That sounds exciting! Sounds unconventional!”

“Unconventional” isn’t the only word we’d use to describe their ticket. On the bright side, if we wind up with the first reality TV presidency, maybe we’ll be allowed to vote someone out of the administration every week. Sorry Secretary Polizzi, but your days are numbered.

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