Panera Announces Cream Cheese Recall Due to Listeria Concerns 


Panera has announced that “out of an abundance of caution” they will be recalling cream cheese products sold at their U.S. locations, due to concerns about listeria, bane of the pregnant person’s existence. Fucking listeria!

CNN reported that the company has announced a voluntary recall “after samples of one of its cream cheese products from a single day of production showed a positive result for Listeria monocytogenes bacteria.” CNN said:

In a statement, Panera Bread said it was recalling all 2 oz. and 8 oz. cream cheese products with an expiration date on or before the second of April 2018 (4/2/18).
“Tests on cream cheese samples manufactured both before and after the production run in question have all come back negative,” the company said.
“We have likewise ceased all manufacturing in the associated cream cheese facility,” said Blaine Hurst, Panera’s President and CEO.

“The safety of our guests and associates is paramount,” NBC News quotes Hurst. “Our intent is to go above and beyond for our guests. You should expect nothing less from Panera.”

There are so many things I don’t miss about being pregnant, but perhaps the number one thing—maybe even outranking no longer randomly dry-heaving—is not feeling quite like the world is a field of food safety landmines.

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