Paris Hilton’s Next NFT Drop Will Not Be a Baby

Contrary to popular rumors, Paris Hilton did not collab on a baby NFT with fiance Carter Reum

Paris Hilton’s Next NFT Drop Will Not Be a Baby
Image:Jerritt Clark (Getty Images)

Paris Hilton is not pregnant, despite reports to the contrary that appeared in Page Six on Tuesday.

On Hilton’s This Is Paris podcast, the NFT influencer slipped in a plug for her new cooking show as she addressed the rumors: “The only thing in my oven at the moment is my ‘sliving lasagna.” (“Sliving,” for the uninitiated, is a Hilton coinage combining “slaying” and “living.”)

Uh… OK, sure. Whatever.

Us Weekly adds:

“Hilton noted that she wants to wait until after her 2022 wedding to conceive a child but already has names picked out. She has chosen London for her future daughter but is keeping her future son’s name a secret for the time being.”

Page Six, whose EXCLUSIVE report was based on a source who had told them Hilton was pregnant, has since retracted their earlier statements on the matter.

Anyway, back to living my ‘sliving life, free of any knowledge about Paris Hilton’s personal life.

JoJo Siwa, master of the universe, just dropped an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at The J Team, her feature film debut on Paramount Plus. Well, that’s not true. She’s also been seen in TV movies like Nickelodeon’s Sizzling Summer Camp Special and Ultimate Halloween Haunted House and even Blurt… but I think the sentiment still stands.

On Instagram, Siwa shared a look at a dance sequence from her new movie, which looks predictably ridiculous. Per a press release, The J Team’s plot is as as follows: “When their beloved dance studio undergoes a change in management, JoJo and her friends learn that individuality and sparkle are the keys to victory as they prepare and compete for the top prize at the All-Star Regional National Dance Competition.”

From the looks of it, it’s also subtle shade at Siwa’s former dance teacher, the infamous Abby Lee Miller.

And here’s the official trailer:

I’m fucking excited! Go JoJo, go! I see an EGOT is imminent.

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