Paris Jackson Says This Week Has Been 'Nonstop Bullshit'

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On Saturday, TMZ reported that Paris Jackson had been hospitalized following an attempted suicide. Jackson—who has been vocal about not wanting to get involved in any sort of public battle over her father Michael Jackson’s image and legacy, following the Leaving Neverland docuseries—immediately denied the story. “fuck you you fucking liars,” she tweeted.

They’re not the only tabloid Jackson’s accusing of inventing shit. After the Daily Mail reported that Jackson fell asleep at the wheel after her alleged hospitalization, Jackson said the paparazzi just took a photo while she and her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn were stopped for gas. “this past week it’s been nonstop bullshit i’m so sick of it,” she added.

But their fascination for Jackson’s every move has continued; TMZ is now reporting that Jackson’s close friends suggest she enter rehab for various “emotional” and “substance abuse issues,” which the site says she is “resisting.” Which, if you take into account everything she’s said about her current state, makes a lot of sense! And yet, TMZ says it stands by its reporting about Jackson, while an unnamed source told People that Jackson merely “had an accident […] that required medical treatment” and is “currently resting at home and doing fine.”

Jackson has not yet said anything about the rehab rumors, but it’s clear she would like everyone to fuck off!


I thought nothing about Olivia Jade’s college admissions process could still surprise me, BUT: She may not have even filled out her own application.

According to a newly unsealed affidavit, Lori Loughlin allegedly emailed Rick Singer, the accused ringleader of the college admissions cheating scheme, about Jade’s applications, and Singer responded by delegating the work to someone else. Per People:

The affidavit continues: “Loughlin wrote, ‘[Our younger daughter] has not submitted all her colleges [sic] apps and is confused on how to do so. I want to make sure she gets those in. Can you tell us how to proceed?’”
According to the affidavit, someone else allegedly filled out Olivia Jade’s application for her. “[Singer] responded by directing an employee to submit the applications on behalf of the Giannulli’s younger daughter,” the affidavit alleges.

At any point, did Loughlin stop to ask herself, “Does my daughter even deserve to go to college?” Apparently not! But I guess if you’re committing this deeply to cheating and bribing your daughter’s way through school, maybe you already know the answer.


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