Pastor Bans Women From Wearing Any Underwear in Church


A pastor in Kenya told women they cannot wear underwear in church anymore, because it prohibits them from feeling close to God.

Oh. OK.

According to a report in the Kenyan Post, Reverend Njohi said women who attend his services at the Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church in Nairobi are forbidden from wearing bras and underwear. Njohi said when going to church, people need to be “free in body and spirit” so they can receive Christ.

However, men, it would seem, can reach God just fine and dandy with their underwear on in Njohi’s church, because he hasn’t requested them to do anything similar. See, ladies, it’s only your fancy schmancy frilly undies that block the sweet, loving power of the Lord from saving your soul. Maybe the ladies could just switch and wear boxers or Hanes BVDs or something, tho?

This isn’t an optional thing either, according to Metro:

The pastor added there would be grave consequences if his female
members did not adhere to the new rule, which was reportedly adhered to
as most women are said to have attended the next service with no

Njohi told mothers to check their daughters to make sure they don’t have underwear on, so they can be close to Jesus. I’m not even comfortable writing this. Oh Jesus Christ, indeed.

I must have missed that part in Bible study, where Jesus talked about how all the ladies need to ditch their panties and bras in order to praise him. But then again, that Jesus guy was always going on and on about stuff. It’s easy to see how I might have missed something.

Via Christian Nightmares; Image via Getty Images.

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