Patti LaBelle Has a Holiday Cooking Special Coming With James Wright Chanel! 


Praise be to the Cooking Channel gods, Patti LaBelle has a holiday special on the way! Congratulations should also go to James Wright Chanel, the man whose viral video about Patti’s sweet potato pie caused a national stampede. Lucky for us, they’ll both appear on the show—will they sing the ingredients?

Last month, Chanel met Ms. Patti and the two made beautiful music and food together. From People:

“It’s one of those blessed stories,” LaBelle tells PEOPLE. “For his birthday, which is Thanksgiving, we were at my home. I invited him to dinner before I even met him.”

Then the two had a moment, to quote Mariah Carey.

“It was his first time seeing me, so when he came into the kitchen, he saw me and my back was turned. He came up behind me and he had on these beautiful leopard pants and a necklace,” the singer says. “We just had a love moment.”

Now the pair are planning a concert together, and Ms. Patti is taking the humble road. (She wasn’t earlier, when she told TMZ that her pies were flying off the shelves before Chanel’s video, which was untrue.)

“We’re going to perform in more ways than one. He can be my lead singer and I’ll be his background singer,” LaBelle says.

Set your DVRs on December 16 and don’t forget Ms. Patti’s original Cooking Channel hilarity, wherein she vegetable-shamed Whoopi Goldberg and Jill Scott in between making macaroni and cheese with black people cheese (Velveeta) for her white Dancing With the Stars partner.

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Image via AP.

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