Paz De La Huerta Was Maybe Not Drunk In This TV Interview


Paz De La Huerta was on VH1’sBig Morning Buzz Live today, and the interview was… odd. But not necessarily because Paz did something wrong! She wasn’t slurring or stumbling drunk. As Lindsay Robertson writes,

The thing is, though, it would be really easy to speculate that Paz’s unusual demeanor was due to substances, but I don’t actually think so! When you pay attention to her words, they all make complete and total sense, she just says them VERY VERY SLOWLY. And quite seriously, for a live morning show on Vh1 (or really, any non-NPR talk show.) It’s actually the contrast between the deliberate, affected, Lady Gaga-reminiscent Paz and perky, comic host Carrie Keagan that makes this interview so incredibly weird.

Judge for yourself:

Paz De La Huerta’s Talk Show Appearance This Morning Will Not Soon be Forgotten [The Set]

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