People Petition McDonald’s to Ruin Vegetables Just Like It Ruined Beef


Vegetarians all over these United States have turned out by the metaphorical wagonload to take a stand and sign a petition that could radically change the way Americans consume food: McDonald’s should add a “meatless protein-centric option” to its menu.

The petition (started by wellness writer/activist Kathy Freston) has already garnered over 87,000 signatures, which proves (sort of) that Americans are more health conscious, or at least willing to make note of the fact that they’re more health conscious because they want McDonald’s to make a veggie burger out of corn cobs,old lima bean shells, and 100 percent pure kale [trimmings, mixed with a sand and sawdust additive to kill all the bacteria].

McDonald’s actually already offers a veggie burger in India, and, for once, trails Burger King, whose veggie burger is already languishing as that one item on the drive-thru menu that no sane fast food patron would ever consider ordering because, honestly, why even bother at that point? If you’ve already dragged yourself to a fast food place, you’ve no doubt come to terms with the fact that you’re about to put hot garbage in your mouth. Hot, delicious garbage. Are there really lots of ethical vegetarians clamoring for McDonald’s to offer a cheap, non-meat protein option? Does America really need another shitty sandwich item to palliate its heightened state of health consciousness?

And, lest we forget, McDonald’s has gone down the veggie burger path before. Nobody was into it, maybe because vegetarians don’t make a habit of eating at places that, however many non-meat options they offer, are responsible for the rise in meat consumption and shitty farming practices.

Image via AP

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