Pesky Sexual Harassment Laws Ruined Geraldo Rivera's Sex Life


A few weeks ago, Geraldo Rivera had a riveting conversation about his life with Will Cain of The Blaze. Part of that discussion included a breakdown of how on earth Rivera could have managed to sleep with 1,000 women, as he claimed he had in his 1991 autobiography.

“It’s not particularly my magnetism or anything,” Rivera told a curious Cain, who still wanted to have “the mechanics” of having sexual intercourse with that many women explained to him. (Get your priorities straight Will and you’ll figure it out!) Instead, Rivera said that the lack of “workplace protections” in the 1970s and 80s meant that he was able to have a very active social life. “Now if you look at an intern with cross-eyes you go to jail, I mean get fired. Office affairs are monitored…[then] it was the SNL after party everyday,” he told Cain, adding:

“It was almost like sex was free! You have no HR – no human resources – no workplace rules against it, lots of money, relative youthfulness, a young staff, surrounded by sycophants and enablers, people smoking joints openly in their office…”

Etc etc etc TLDR life was great! Rivera left the world hanging about whether Bette Midler was great in bed, refusing to answer Cain’s very cool “how was she” question due to Midler’s decidedly negative reaction at hearing that she had been publicly included on his list of conquests. For the curious, that list also includes, Liza Minnelli and Chris Evert.

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