Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski. Of Course.

Ratajkowski split from her husband in August—the same time Davidson split from Kim Kardashian. Sources confirm the two are now "seeing each other."

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski. Of Course.
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The Earth is round and, as such, life on it tends to move in one big circle. In other words, as I predicted in August, Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski now appear to be dating. The news, first reported on Sunday by Instagram’s favorite Hollywood spy, DeuxMoi, is only surprising, really, if you spent the last year living under a rock. Davidson, noted dater of every famous woman you could possibly name, split from Kim Kardashian in August, at roughly the same time Ratajkowski left Sebastian Bear-McClard, her aggressively mediocre, allegedly unfaithful husband of four years.

Per the all-caps DeuxMoi post, a fan saw “EMRATA AND PETE DAVIDSON ON A DATE TOGETHER HOLDING HANDS AND ALLLL” and claimed, “his hands were alllll over her and they’re clearly hooking up.” Sure, it’s not exactly the New York Times, but dismiss DeuxMoi at your own peril—the account is often scarily accurate, and Ratajkowski herself has acknowledged this.

By Monday, “sources” close to the pair confirmed their budding romance—or, to be precise, their “talking” phase—to Us Weekly and People. A source close to Davidson told People that the two are “seeing each other.” Us Weekly’s source went into a bit more detail: “Pete and Emily have been talking for a couple months now,” they said, adding that Davidson and Ratajkowski are “in the very early stages, but both really like each other.” The source said, “Pete makes Emily laugh and he loves how intelligent she is.”

Neither Davidson nor Ratajkowski’s reps nor “sources” close to them have confirmed the gossip as of Monday morning. But I believe it. Given Davidson’s noted penchant and god-given gift for pulling hot, famous women deemed out of his league, and Ratajkowski’s equally noted penchant for normal-looking dudes, it’s a match made in celebrity-PR-relationship heaven.

The possible new couple’s individual behavior of late certainly foreshadowed this development. Last month, tabloid gossip incessantly speculated about a Davidson and Kardashian renaissance, only for sources close to Davidson to promptly shut that shit down earlier this month, within days of Davidson being spotted with Ratajkowski. Coincidentally, just last week, Jay Pharoah, a former Saturday Night Live co-star of Davidson’s, confirmed that Davidson’s dick is—to use technical terms—fucking huge. Davidson, you’ll recall, inadvertently popularized the term “big dick energy” or “BDE” by merely existing in 2018, and according to Pharoah, “He was like, ‘Yeah bro, it’s like nine inches.’” Cool!

Meanwhile, Ratajkowski has been playing the field, as is her right after confirming Bear-McClard cheated on her by gloriously and pettily liking a bunch of tweets stating as much. She’s been linked to Brad Pitt—an upsetting development for fans of her feminist TikTok, given recent headlines about Pitt—and was photographed a few weeks ago galavanting across New York City on the back of a motorcycle with a DJ. In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the model talked about how much she loves dating and being single: “It’s really fun to go to dinner with someone and be like, ‘Cool. I really enjoyed these parts of them. I really didn’t like these other parts,’” she told the magazine. Given Pharoah’s claims, I have a guess about what “parts” of Davidson she might find enjoyable.

Davidson also notably got with Kardashian shortly after she split from Kanye West around this time last year, and a very meaningful relationship emerged from what was supposed to be, in Kardashian’s own words, some rebound dick. If rumors about Davidson and Ratajkowski’s relationship status are true, I could see that for them as well, honestly. It would be deeply cliche, but also… cute?? In any case, Davidson has other suitors waiting in the wings.

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