Pickles Continue to Torment Kim Kardashian 


Pickles! Confusing, right? Are they cucumbers or no?? Kim Kardashian has been wondering about this for nearly a decade.

Kim first publicly questioned the origins of pickles back in 2010, tweeting incredulously that she’d heard whispers that a pickle wasn’t anything more than a cucumber wearing a bodysuit made of brine. Never one to take things at face value, Kim turned to Twitter for confirmation.

Twitter responded with several answers, some of them correct: Yes, a pickle is a cucumber. No, Jonathan is not lying to you. On the surface, Kim appeared satisfied with the feedback.

But what seemed like earnest acceptance at the time has turned out to be a lie. Kim, we now know, was only humoring us. While reading some old tweets with Stephanie Shepherd, Kim is rudely reminded of the Mystery of Pickles. “I still don’t even know,” she says. “And I don’t care to research.”*

Shepherd spends the next 50 seconds trying to explain to Kim that a pickle is just a cucumber that’s taken a dip. Kim isn’t buying it. The whole thing devolves into an epistemological discourse that incorporates grapes, syllogisms, and a genuine attempt from Shepherd to demonstrate the creation of pickles using hand gestures. (Very hard, it turns out.)

In the time it took to have this discussion, Kim could have googled (researched) “what is a pickle” 47 times, plus gained some dope bonus knowledge about gherkins.

*Sorry to do this but I just want to point out that this proud ignorance is how we wound up with Trump, okay bye!!

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