Plan B's Advertising Pleases Us, Pisses Off Conservatives


We’re liking this Plan B commercial currently in heavy rotation on cable television because it’s realistic — depicting women waking up alone and having to deal with morning-after bullshit on their own.

The gist of the commercial is that all women have to deal with this alone, so actually, in a way, we’re all in it together. We also like that, unlike most birth control pill commercials, many of the women in this commercial are single.

We caught this when it aired during Bad Girls Club on Oxygen, but, according to a piece in today’s AdAge, conservative groups like Concerned Women for America are making a stink over the fact that a web banner ad for Plan B is running on, with one “Concerned” woman saying, “Plan B makes it sound like you can make a mistake and have a do-over, it’s irresponsible.” (The ad isn’t explicit, and merely directs people to the Plan B website with the tagline “Because the unexpected happens.”)

‘Morning-After Pill’ Catches Flak For Ad [Ad Age]

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