Planet Earth Is So Hot And Life-Sustaining Right Now


Sorry, Pluto. You’ll have to take solace in your Dashboard Confessional albums, because NASA just dropped a new, fully illuminated photo of Earth, and it is pure sex.

So smooth. So round. So round, in fact, that Sir Mix-A-Lot needs to take a hint. Inspiration for your comeback single, buddy? Right here.

President Obama, too, is inspired by our babely terrestrial home:

It was December 7, 1972 when NASA last captured a photo of Earth in its entirety, and the picture, named Blue Marble, may well be one of the most reproduced images in history. In the last forty or so years, New York magazine notes, “scientists have produced new photos of earth, but they have been composites. It is exceedingly difficult for the sun to sit still long enough to make sure the entire planet is illuminated.”

But finally, the heavens and scientific advancement have united to bring us this gift. Thanks to the Deep Space Climate Observatory’s Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC), located one million miles away (mind-blowing, amirite?), we’ll be getting many more glorious photos like the one pictured above. All the while, scientists will study changes made apparent by these images and researching the ways we’re jeopardizing the planet’s well-being.

So ready your smelling salts and your handkerchiefs, because our native planet is about to make us sweat. Break the internet, Earth baby.

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Top Image via NASA.

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