Please Do Not Let Halle Berry Play a Trans Man

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Please Do Not Let Halle Berry Play a Trans Man

Halle Berry is either ignoring or has not gotten the message that trans characters should be played by trans actors, because she is quite effusive about her wish to play a trans man in an upcoming project.

“I’m thinking of playing a character where this woman is transgender. So my hair is going to have to be—she’s a woman that transitions into a man, so my hair is going to have to be really short,” she said during a recent Instagram Live Q&A, according to Out. Halle, no!

“I might be doing it,” she continues. According to Berry, the project first came to her as she was working on her directorial debut Bruised. That project was due out this year and follows Berry as a disgraced MMA fighter.
“When this was pitched to me I thought if I’m going to do another movie that’s the role that I want to play,” she continued of this new trans character. “I want to experience that world, I want to understand that world. I want to deep dive in the way that I did Bruised.”

I see Scarlett Johansson’s experience has taught her….nothing. And that was two years ago! Have we learned nothing since then?

Apparently not:

Who this woman was is so interesting to me,” she continued. “That will probably be my next acting project.” Brown encouraged the idea “on the behalf of the community.”
“That’s a woman,” Berry said later. “That’s a female story. Yes, she transitioned into a man but I want to understand the why and the how of that. So I’m hoping that I get to do it.” While we are huge fans of Berry, we have to say we hope that she doesn’t get the role.

The fact that Berry thinks this is a “female” story means that even if it were appropriate for her to take this role, which it’s not, she clearly doesn’t grasp even the basic fundamentals of what it means to be trans. Don’t do this! [Out]

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