Please Help Find Helen's Pet Hamster Róó (?)


Hamster lost.

The above poster was made by a child/person in Brooklyn named Helen, who lost her pet hamster. The name of the hamster is either: Lroo, Roo, Koo, Looo, Róó or (my guess) 1,000.

There’s a helpful drawing of the hamster, which has a brown torso, a neon pink tail and legs and is two-dimensional.

Gothamist reports that there’s a high percentage Helen’s hamster is… not with us (but don’t tell Helen):

An adorable child or artistically inept adult has posted a handful of homemade flyers around Carroll Gardens, beseeching fellow neighbors to help find his or her beloved pet, though we all know the poor animal has already been dismembered and sold for parts by the local rat cartel.

Help find this hamster. Help this poor child.

Image via Gothamist/Pardon Me For Asking

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