Poland's Ex-Prime Minister Warns About Ugly Ladies In Politics


Poland’s former Prime Minister has stirred up controversy by advising political parties to find hotter female candidates.

According to the Telegraph, ex-PM Leszek Miller recently uttered this thoughtful and well-considered opinion: “If the parties revolve around unattractive women, then this is something anachronistic and will repel voters.” So basically, ugly chicks are so over — bring on the hotties. Miller apologized, explaining, “that he had been merely commenting on the frequent appearance of attractive female candidates on party campaign posters and at press conferences.” Oh, that makes it okay then.

Women in Polish politics are understandably annoyed — especially because Miller’s party, the Democratic Left Alliance, is supposedly “pro-women.” Says gender equality activist Jolanta Kwasniewska, “I’m a little disappointed with this dive into sexism. When a man goes into politics we women do not think it’s important whether he looks like Adonis or not.” Miller’s comment could hurt his party’s performance in the upcoming elections on October 9. However, he’s still in the running toward becoming Europe’s next Silvio Berlusconi.

Ugly Female Candidates ‘Repel Voters’, Says Former Polish Prime Minister [Telegraph]

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