Police Say They've Identified Mystery Woman in Texas Doorbell Surveillance Video


This story is stranger, and sadder, than it initially appears.

CNN reported on Wednesday that a woman who was videotaped on a home surveillance system ringing doorbells in the middle of the night in Montgomery County, Texas has been identified. In the tape, the woman appears ghost-like, she is barefoot and is wearing what looks like part of a shackle on her right wrist. Police say she is a domestic violence victim and are not revealing her name.

What the video showed captured the attention of major media outlets around the world. It was taken in the Sunrise Ranch neighborhood at around 3:20 a.m. on August 24. A resident of the neighborhood, who wished not to be named, told CNN affiliate KPRC, “We were dead asleep in our beds. My husband was woken up by a doorbell ring. It rang probably 20 to 30 times. She walked outside, no one was in sight. It’s like she disappeared in thin air.” The woman reportedly rang several residents’ doorbells throughout the night.

Lieutenant Scott Spencer of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post on Wednesday that that the 32-year-old woman is safe and staying with family out of state.

Spencer also revealed that on Wednesday morning police found the woman’s 49-year-old boyfriend dead at a house in Houston. The boyfriend made suicidal comments on a call with the sheriff’s office earlier that day and had died of a single gunshot wound, according to authorities. The investigation will forge ahead.

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