Police Union Spokesman Not Sorry for Shoving Black Woman: 'Oh God, No'


Police union spokesman Jeff Roorda, who is on camera shoving a black woman during a meeting at St. Louis City Hall, denies shoving that woman. And furthermore no, he is definitely not sorry.

After Roorda, the business manager and frequent spokesman for the St. Louis Police Officers’ Association, assaulted Cachet Currie during a meeting-turned-melee at City Hall, Jon Swaine at the Guardian asked if he planned on apologizing to her.

“Oh God, no,” he replied. “No, no, no. The only apology owed is from the chairman of the committee, for letting things get so far out of control.” He claimed it was the protesters at the meeting who “lost their cool.” He also claims Currie was “stamping on his feet” and “kicking him in the shins.”

Roorda is also not sorry for wearing an “I Am Darren Wilson” wristband to said meeting: “Darren Wilson was the victim of an attempted murder, and he is a hero,” said Roorda. “The Department of Justice said my officers can’t wear this bracelet, so I have worn it every day since, just in protest of my officers’ freedom of speech being quashed.”

Even by the combative standards of police unions, this is pretty impressive.

Screengrab via YouTube/Deak Jones

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