Polish Politician Hopes Bikini Bod Will Earn Votes


Polish pop singer Sara May — real name Katarzyna Szczolek — would like to win a district council seat in her hometown of Warsaw, and she’s using photographs of herself in a bikini as part of her campaign.

In the ad above, May is lying on a beach; the copy reads “Beautiful. Independent. Competent.” Another ad features the singer holding a small dog; the ad claims she is “honest, sincere and uncompromising.”

On the one hand, she’s free to conduct her political career however she sees fit — and since the bikini picture is generating lots of buzz, she’s already proving a certain amount of communications savvy.

On the other hand — women have a hard enough time being taken seriously; isn’t May just making it worse? Bikini campaign pictures set you up for incredibly nasty jokes (like the one the dude at AdRants wrote) and certainly don’t focus on the issues.

Still — Poland’s already had a female prime minister; the U.S. has never had a female president. So maybe they know something we don’t.

Polish Politician Pimps Political Prowess in Bikini [AdRants]
Sara May, aka Katarzyna Szczolek, Uses Sexy Bikini Photos In Campaign Ad For Warsaw Council Seat [NYDN]
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