Pop Art on the Cannes Red Carpet


Cannes kicked off in the South of France last night with its impossible array of crystalline gowns and expensive-looking make-up jobs. But every year, the fashion is more interesting not during the opening night gala, but in the daytime and other off-night premieres. No one embodies that better than Chinese pop star Li Yuchun, a.k.a. Chris Lee, who shows up to Cannes every year looking like a million outré bucks. Look at this dream in Gaultier! The skirt winds around the waist, looking like the detritus of the paper shredder at The Factory.

For the opening night gala, she wore Gucci—a safer, more traditional choice, but one that still cast her as a bird of paradise, blessing the mortals with her presence and indigo dye job. I can’t get enough of this chick’s looks!

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