'Posh Boot Camp' Will Teach Your Servants How to Use Uber


Can you believe how hard it is to find good help these days? You hire a girl and expect her to know the difference between a European and banquet table setting, only to then discover that she doesn’t even know what a demitasse spoon is! What’s the world coming to?

Well, thankfully there’s an answer to this very relatable problem and that answer is Jill Wilpon’s Chorz housekeeping camp. For only $150 (why, that’s only half of young Aiden’s weekly allowance!), you can send your maid or housekeeper to a Sunday workshop where Wilpon will finally teach them how to properly set a table, use green cleaning products, or order you an Uber.

Via Page Six:

“People tell us, ‘My housekeeper doesn’t even know how to set a table,’ ” explains Wilpon, whose father-in-law is Ken Wilpon, the developer cousin of Mets co-owner Fred. “A lot of [housekeeper] candidates say they know how to do things,” but “they don’t know the difference between convection bake or broil.”
Even worse, nannies “from Tibet or Nepal don’t understand the infrastructure of a building. They don’t understand that a doorman will help you with a taxi.” Many can’t use Uber, she said.

Do not get me started on nannies from Tibet or Nepal. And certainly don’t get me started on the housekeepers who use Endust on a precious antique credenza:

“You’ll ask someone, ‘Do you know about fine finishes?’ ” says Wilpon, “and they’ll say, ‘Yeah, we use Endust.’ Endust is from the 1970s!” Today, it’s all about “green clean” products. And there can be “glaring weaknesses” in maids’ routines. Some do not know the difference between “a paring knife and a regular knife.” Ouch!

So why not make your housekeeper spend their Sunday at “posh boot camp”? Who knows? It will probably be fun for them because, like Wilpon says, “There’s not one person in this country who isn’t looking to educate themselves, or do a better job. If they’re not, they don’t belong in this country.”

Chin chin to that, old girl!

Image via Dreamworks.

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