Prankster Tana Mongeau Promises She Did Not Prank Us With Alleged Prank Wedding

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Prankster Tana Mongeau Promises She Did Not Prank Us With Alleged Prank Wedding
Screenshot:Instagram (Tana Mongeau)

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck—it’s probably a prank wedding designed to boost the public profiles of notorious Youtube personalities. As such, Entertainment Tonight is now reporting that the monstrous, sponsored event held by Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul earlier this week might not have been a wedding after all!

The clues are hidden everywhere: Their officiant was not officially registered with Clark County and there’s no marriage license or certificate to verify it ever happened. Mongeau also claimed, in a recent episode of her MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21, that her wedding was “something fun and lighthearted that we are obviously doing for fun and for content.” A tweet in the episode’s wake saw the titular prankster attempting to get ahead of the growing confusion:

“I understand ppls frustration with this sound bite from the show & it’s the last thing i wanna talk about right now but obviously i just uploaded an 8 minute youtube video on how much i love Jake & am not tryna look like that much of a sociopath hahahahahaha. i filmed those confessionals for the show A LONG TIME AGO! the ‘for fun and content’ sound bite was from a very long sentence lmao and was a little salty to see it pulled out of context. I understand though that MTV has their own creative & that these episodes are airing very late, especially in timing with the wedding. i’m not trippin.”

There’s a tactic that always works for budding reality television starlets—blame the editing! Her followup tweets offer a more reflective tone. If anything, they prove that even influencers contain multitudes!

i know that things have moved so fast, are unconventional, and confusing but i love jake. i truly do, in the weirdest fucking way. every second of this rollercoaster ride has been so fun & crazy. i hate that it’ll probably always come with owing people some explanation especially with so many things coming out like the show (which is quite behind)… but i know that’s kinda the life we signed up for. idk. i’ll fuck off.”

Amidst the “backlash” his wife was enduring on her own plot of the internet, Jake Paul was tweeting about Dr. Phil and wanting kids. Their wedding might have been a prank but at least it’s an honest depiction of married life for viral influencers! [ET]

I held off on a story earlier this week after a brief consultation with my common sense revealed to me a probable cause for concern. Thankfully, I’m never wrong! After a variety of outlets reported that Olivia Jade and Bella Giannulli were evicted from their USC sorority, representatives for the institution revealed the opposite! Speaking exclusively with People, Kappa Kappa Gamma claimed:

“The story regarding these two individuals is false. Bella Giannulli remains an active member of the Delta Tau chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma.”

Olivia Jade has been called a fraud, but she’s remained an honest one! Months of tireless reporting have yet to disprove her claim that she had absolutely no desire to attend college! (Aside from the lucrative Amazon sponsorships, of course.) With this news cycle officially over—let’s begin the next one with tireless speculation around Aunt Becky’s wardrobe for her August 27 court date. If you’re reading this, please picky anything but Etro! [People]

Happy Friday!

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