Pregnant Women of the World, Rejoice! John Legend Has Always Thought You're Hot 


Chrissy Teigen, half of one of the country’s most delightful celebrity couples, is expecting. But even though pregnancy is a deeply personal experience that I, as a man, could ever comprehend, I do understand that it will affect more than just her own body and mind. People will write about her differently. People will treat her differently. And some people, like her husband, will look at her differently.

Because, you see, Chrissy Teigen is more attractive to her husband, John Legend, than she has ever been before. Their love is bigger. Better. Sexier. Why? Because John Legend thinks pregnancy is sexy as hell.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, the singer revealed that “he thinks that Teigen is more beautiful than ever these days,” saying:

“I told [Chrissy] before that I was always attracted to pregnant women, but I never actually had one myself, so now I’m excited to be with a beautiful, pregnant woman.”

This revelation has caused me to revisit his 2013 hit, the Teigen-dedicated “All of Me.” In it, he sings that he loves all her “curves” and “edges,” but was he complimenting them as a way of subtly suggesting that she increase their size?

He loves all of it, and he’s so glad there’s more of it.

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