President Obama Euchres Donald Trump


President Obama’s speech from the White House Press Correspondents’ Dinner last night ripped on the headdeskingly dumb birther movement, poked fun at the President’s alleged reliance on teleprompters, and delivered a few devastating blows to shrillionaire and would-be Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Watch the whole thing if you have time, but if you only have a few precious Sunday moments to spare, you’ll find the Trump stuff from 9:16 to 9:36 and from 12:00 onward.

Don’t worry, Donald. I’m sure you’ll over-comb this obstacle.

For those of you who aren’t from the Midwest, “Euchring” is kind of like “Pwning.” For those of you who are not from the internet, “Pwning” is kind of like “Deservedly dominating and shaming.”

Obama and Seth Meyers Take Aim at Trump at White House Correspondents’ Dinner [NYT]

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