President Trump Is Going to Study Super, Super Hard for His Mueller Interview This Summer


School will soon be in session for President Trump as he prepares for an potentially impending interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In an interview, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani revealed that these summer sessions will mimic the style of Trump’s debate prep in 2016 and will take place off the clock, like over some rousing rounds of golf at a Trump golf course.

Nothing says I’m-taking-this-incredibly-seriously-as-to-not-perjure-myself quite like preparing for an interrogation over golf.

But this is the best way for Trump to absorb anything, lest he have the disposition of an irate child. From Politico:

“You can’t take a president away to Camp David and just prepare him for two or three weeks,” Giuliani said in an interview.
“I think of it as the way we prepared him for debates,” he added. “He never liked to be sitting down for long stretches. We’d do an hour here, two hours there. We’d end up doing 15, 16 hours of preparation, particularly for the first debate. But we’d do it here and there. We have to do it over the course of two or three weeks. Maybe at nights, maybe in the morning.”

While an interview with Mueller isn’t 100 percent confirmed, the Trump team is banking on one. Trump himself has long said that he’s willing, and even eager to a sit down with Mueller and end the so-called “Greatest Witch Hunt in American History.”

Trump’s lawyers are less eager, however. As Politico noted, “Trump has a notoriously short attention span, and his impatience with briefings and reading material could heighten his peril in an interview with Mueller.”

Mueller has already rejected Trump’s lawyers’ request for Trump to reply to interview questions in writing, but despite that setback they’re optimistic that this ordeal won’t end with a Trump indictment. This will likely come as a massive blow to my mom, who has a coffee mug that says “Mueller Time!” on it.

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