Pretzel Crisps Finally Takes Down All Pro-Ana Ads


It took several rounds of blogger outrage, but Pretzel Crisps is finally breaking from its intentional denseness about using pro-anorexic slogans as advertising, and will take down all the offending ads. Let’s recap.

1) A rightfully annoyed reader sends us a photo of a Pretzel Crisps outdoor advertisement reading, “You Can Never Be Too Thin,” a creepy repurposing of the Wallis Simpson quotation to sell a “diet” snack.

2) Several others get annoyed; someone does a clever video of themselves defacing the advertisement with information about the dangers of eating disorders.

3) Pretzel Crisps says it’s going to take down the ads.

4) But then the company pretends that people only objected to the one that was most often pictured (“You Can Never Be Too Thin,”) and not the even-more-blatantly-offensive one that says, “Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels.” Corporate speak ensues. This indicates that Pretzel Crisps is run by people who make Perez Hilton look like a paragon of sensitivity.

5) And just now, Pretzel Crisps finally relents and will replace all of its ads in New York and San Francisco with “Perfect For Skinny Dipping,” which is what it should have gone with in the first place. Now, was that so hard?

Pretzel Crisps Commits To Changing More Ads In NYC And California By Monday At The Latest [NYCTheBlog]

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