Preview Leaks Of New Anti-Sarah Palin Documentary


Brace yourselves, because there’s a new Sarah Palin documentary coming out! No, not the amusingly-titled Palin hagiography The Undefeated. Apparently there’s another film in the works that doesn’t paint such a flattering portrait of America’s most famous non-candidate.

British filmmaker Nick Broomfield, who’s made several controversial documentaries including Kurt & Courtney and Biggie & Tupac, has interviewed Palin’s parents, friends, and several disgruntled former employees for the new film. We know it’s going to take her down a peg in the very classiest way possible because the first preview was leaked to Radar Online. In the clip, Palin’s former legislative director John Bitney and senate president Lyda Green counter the Undefeated‘s description of Palin as a focused CEO, saying she actually displayed “amateur behavior” in office.

Bloomfield will be shopping the film around L.A. next week, and there’s a chance it could premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September. We’re guessing Palin won’t be able to attend, though she and Todd will be at the premiere of The Undefeated in Iowa on Tuesday. She says:

“We are very excited to visit historic Pella and its opera house and look forward to seeing the finished film for the first time with fellow Americans from the heartland.”

We enjoy a Palin expose as much as anyone in unreal America, but the Broomfield documentary may be overkill, since it seems unlikely that she’ll be the Republican nominee. Perhaps it’s time for filmmakers to branch out, particularly since most Americans are only starting to learn frightening facts about the other Republican presidential candidates. Did Romney love to use the term “dangnabbit” in emails? Was T-Paw’s main focus during his tenure as Governor of Minnesota mastering Angry Birds? We still have so much to learn!

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