Tish Cyrus, the Woman That You Are!

The matriarch of the Cyrus family spilled tea and stole the show in a new episode of Call Her Daddy.

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Tish Cyrus, the Woman That You Are!

This week, on the latest episode of Call Her Daddy, Tish and Brandi Cyrus aka Miley’s mom and older sister joined host Alex Cooper to discuss the former’s divorce, the current family dynamics, and their new podcast, Sorry We’re Stoned, which basically just sees the mother-daughter duo having conversations about anything and everything while high as kites.

In essence, the Call Her Daddy episode evokes the same feelings as going to a new friend’s house for the first time only to learn that the woman who raised them is actually a better hang. Throughout the candid conversation, a very barefoot Tish lights up a joint and justifiably boasts about her hot new husband, her hair extensions, and being a “single parent” throughout her marriage to Billy Ray Cyrus. You get it. Miley’s mom, has got it goin’ on, etc. etc.

Among the highlights though, is Tish’s recollections of the Hannah Montana era in which her role, as it turns out, was far more than just Miley’s mom and manager. In fact, she was quite crucial in the casting of her husband as Miley’s on-camera father.

“He had done ‘Achy Breaky [Heart]’ and nothing else was working,” Tish remembered. “And then I brought Miley out to audition for Hannah and she had gotten it. And then one of the casting directors said a joke, like, ‘Ugh, too bad we can’t afford her real dad.’ And I said, ‘Oh, maybe you can.’”

In an effort to give his career a refresh and keep their family together under one roof, Tish then suggested that Billy Ray audition for the role.

“I couldn’t, as a mom, have half my kids in Tennessee and be out [in L.A.] with Miley, like I just could not do that,” Tish told Cooper. “And so I was like, ‘I have to bring all the kids.’ And so that’s when I said to Billy Ray, ‘You should come audition for the dad. Because they love you and they’re really interested. Yes, it would be a pay cut but our family could be together.’ ”

The show, as we all know, was a success and sparked not only Miley’s career but a renewed interest in the “Achy Breaky Heart” crooner. Billy Ray, however, didn’t see it that way. In 2011, he told GQ that Hannah Montana “destroyed” his family: “I’ll tell you right now—the damn show destroyed my family.”

When Cooper asked Tish about said comment, she didn’t miss a beat: “Not at all…I mean the family’s not destroyed, first of all. We’re doing great. I just think he was having a moment.”

Tish’s illuminating comments arrive just days after Miley appeared to deliberately leave her father out of her Grammy acceptance speech, and six months after Tish married actor Dominic Purcell in a ceremony notably attended by half the Cyrus children. Despite reports of bad blood, Tish seems relatively unbothered and eager to talk about her new husband.

When asked about the start of her relationship with Purcell, she confided to Cooper that after they met in a hole-in-the-wall bar she knew instantly that he was the one: “So, we go to lunch and make out for like three hours at a pub.”

That, and I cannot stress this enough, is Mother.

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