Price Of Beauty: Jessica Meets An Anorexic Model


Last night’s episode of Jessica Simpson’s show took place in Paris. She met Rosemary, a model who’s been working since the age of 13, and Isabelle Caro, the anorexic model who graced billboards during Milan’s 2007 fashion week.

Rosemary told Jessica and her friends that a model’s weight and measurements are usually part of her contract; if her measurements “change” too much, she can lose her contract. When a lavish breakfast arrived, Ken Paves asked, “Is this on the model diet?” Rosemary picked up a tiny green leaf and deadpanned, “This is the model diet.”

All jokes aside, it was really sad and uncomfortable to see that anorexic model Isabelle Caro doesn’t look much different than she did when we first wrote about her in 2007. (You can watch an interview about her weight gain and her drawn-on freckles here.) Although: Previously, we’d heard that she’d weighed as low as 55 lbs; Price Of Beauty claims she is 86 lbs now. Slow progress.

While in Paris, Jessica also walked in a fashion show. She asked the art director of the show (on the left) if she’d made her outfit; the woman answered brusquely, “It’s couture.” Later, while coaching Jessica in walking properly for the runway, the woman commanded, “Try to smile without smiling.” It’s called SMIZE, lady. Jeez.

The biggest problem with the show is that it can’t decide on a tone: The opening credits make it seem way more thoughtful and educational than it really is. Though Jessica is on a journey of discovery, many of her “wow” moments feel a little more like “duh” moments. So far, there isn’t much here you haven’t seen somewhere before.

Price Of Beauty [VH1]

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