Prince Harry Fell for Meghan Markle When She 'Happily' Peed in the Woods

Prince Harry Fell for Meghan Markle When She 'Happily' Peed in the Woods

No doubt there are many enlightening anecdotes in Meghan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s new biography, Finding Freedom, but this is a good one: At what point did Harry know that Meghan was “the one”? Was it the first time he saw her dazzling smile? No. Was it when she immediately won over his famously difficult family? Haha, definitely not. Was it when she pissed in the woods during a camping trip in Botswana? Of course.

The trip took place six weeks after the couple had their first date in 2016, and “Harry was delightfully surprised by Meghan’s down-to-earth attitude,” the book says, per the Daily Mail.

“While camping she cleaned her face with baby wipes and happily wandered into the woodlands if she needed a bathroom break.” I would like an oil painting of Markle grinning maniacally as she marches off into the bush, and keeping it up even as she tries to perform the impossible task of peeing as a woman while scanning the area for hyenas. Good for her. I, for one, would definitely hold it until I returned to my nearly $2,000 tent, complete with its own en-suite bathroom.

The book also claims that Harry was impressed that Meghan only brought one backpack for the entire trip. I know this is supposed to be yet another signal of her chill, down-to-earth nature, but have you ever noticed that the same people who give over-packers shit are inevitably the same ones who forget their toothpaste and need to borrow yours? Or complain about being cold until you offer to lend them a sweater? Or opt out of an activity because they failed to bring the right footwear? Under-packing is not a virtue!

Fortunately, all of this cool-girl behavior helped woo Harry, and that’s what matters. For Meghan’s part, she told a friend upon her return that she had “never felt that safe…close to someone in such a short amount of time.” Maybe she was impressed that he peed in the woods, too? Or better yet, remembered his own damn toothpaste? I guess we’ll have to read the book and find out.

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