Pro Choice Walk Brings Out Voices For Women's Rights, Hilarious Signs


A Philadelphia walk participant puns the Speaker of the House’s ridiculous last name.

Chicago pro choice advocates braved the cold.

Boston walkers gather in front of the State House.

Marchers in Denver.

DC participants pose in front of the US Capitol with their signs and orange gear.

More from Boston.

A shot of the crowd in Washington, DC.

I spy with my little eye three Jezebel readers at the New York City Walk for Choice.

It took me a second, but when I realized the genius of this Philadelphia sign, I bowed down before it.

An Atlanta participant displays her meme-riffic sign.

Cameras capture the New York City Walk For Choice crowd. Images will be used to excommunicate participants. (Jokes!)

Walkers for Choice in Los Angeles.

Thanks to all readers and friends who submitted photos for this slide show.

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