Professional Hatemonger Bryan Fischer Is Very Worried About 'Big Gay'


The internet was given a glorious gift yesterday by talk radio host Bryan Fischer, the former “issues director” for the American Family Association and and a complete loon who believes — literally — that America is controlled by a vast, shadowy cabal of glittery and terrifying homosexuals. Monday afternoon, he tweeted this gem:

In that segment, Fischer accuses Indiana of amending their “religious freedom” law in order to cave to “Big Gay.” Yes. Big Gay.

“LGBT agenda is gonna trump religious liberty in every case,” Fischer warned, adding a moment later that Christians are being targeted by the LGBT activists who want to “hammer you,” “punish you,” and “drill you to the floor.” Nobody is sublimating any kind of fantasy here, no sir.

Naturally, Twitter responded with #BigGay, which promptly started trending:

And nobody was happier than New York’s own Big Gay Ice Cream:

In other words, Bryan Fischer’s paralyzing hatred and disgust towards LGBT people inadvertently became a very real financial gain for a business owned by gay men. Sometimes irony is beautiful and perfect, you know?

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