Quiz: Can You Guess the Celebrity Inspiration For These Ass Tweets?


You know that old saying about the internet: If a celebrity with over 1 million followers tweets anything, they will instantly receive a reply concerning ass. Are you savvy enough to figure out which celebrity tweets inspired these ass-replies? Take my cool quiz and see.

(If the results shake out that you’re “Beginner’s Ass” rather than an “All But Dissertation Ass” or our top-ranked category, “Ass Genius,” never fear: there’s an answer key below.)

Answer Key:

#1: The inspiration for the enigmatic ass-reply “fuck my ass with a tampon” was Kanye West tweeting about Tidal.

#2: The inspiration for the postmodern ass-reply “suck my as” was Zayn Malik tweeting about his girlfriend.

#3: The inspiration for the actionable, yearning ass-reply “jog into my ass” was Kim Kardashian tweeting about jogging.

#4: The inspiration for the playful ass-reply “let’s do anal, but instead of using lube let’s use mayonnaise” was Charli XCX tweeting a picture of Jane from Daria.

And #5: The inspiration for the classic, minimalist ass-reply “eat my ass” was Kylie Jenner tweeting about Reeboks.

Thank you for playing. I’m just happy to be alive.

Image via Twitter/screengrab

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