/R/FacebookCleavage Is Your New Least Favorite Scummy Internet Dump

/R/FacebookCleavage Is Your New Least Favorite Scummy Internet Dump

Well, this is disgusting: Reddit has a subreddit called r/FacebookCleavage, dedicated entirely to sharing “sexy pictures” of members’ “hot Facebook friends.” Currently, it has 16,655 subscribers.

This, from the same site that brought you CreepShots. Christ, the Internet’s grossness knows no bounds.

The news comes via the Daily Dot, which reports that the subreddit is nearly a year old. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a massive collection of photos ripped from Facebook profiles. “More of the busty sorority chick,” proclaims one post, linking to an entire Imgur album of a single young woman. “OP, you have made today – great,” replies one user, while another demands, “Some of her friends are even hotter…see if you can find some of them op.” Perhaps the creepiest suggestion: “Let’s just go ahead and start a subreddit devoted to her. I’ll be your first subscriber.” Barf. Barf barf barf.

Perhaps most disturbing, though, is guy who announces, “I have over 500 photos of this girl and imgur only lets me put 30 in an album. Anyone got any advice for where to upload a zip that I’d be able to post a DL link to here?”

The forum’s “ground rules” politely request that no real names be mentioned:

  • Find sexy pictures of your hot Facebook friends. Upload the pictures to imgur.com, and submit them here.
  • Doesn’t have to be cleavage. Any sexy pic will do.
  • Don’t post pics that don’t come from Facebook.You will be banned
  • Only post people of age. Underage posts will be removed. And user banned. Report underage posts to the mods.
  • Please don’t mention real names.

But please note these rules are harder on those who post non Facebook pics than those who provide real names. And it’s not like there’s much effort made to hide identifying details, either. On a thread titled “hot sorority chick,” a respondent (not the original poster!) announces the woman was a high school classmate and provides a screencap of her Facebook (though with her name and pertinents blocked out). Another poster asked he “tell us about her.” The whole conversation is vile:


For context, the subreddit devoted to Bitcoin shit bricks when Newsweek announced they’d (reportedly) “doxxed” the digital currency’s original creator. I’ve reached out to Reddit HQ for comment, but generally their response is that they’re merely running a platform and they’d prefer to err on the side of free speech.

Somehow making this even grosser: This requires the enthusiastic participation of women’s own Facebook friends. Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg!

Image by Jim Cooke.

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